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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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he plays fast so that was a fast hole in one, thanks for inviting us in your home tonight, that's it for this edition of "special report" ," "the story" starts now. >> ed: a double dose of really good news on the economy breaking tonight for president trump, cnn poll finding 71% of the country thinks the economy is very good are somewhat good. if federal reserve chairman jerome powell declares despite global headwinds are america'sy is in a good place suggesting the economy will be in strong shape heading into 2020, just as the president visited battleground ohio today to start making his case for reelection. >> president trump: we opened up with the regulation cuts and all of the other things we have done. you look at the economic numbers, nobody thought we would never see numbers like that. we are putting america first and
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we are putting american workers first. >> ed: i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum who was on assignment and this is "the story." before the president delivered those remarks, he went on offense over to other big issues that hurt his presidency. first up, robert mueller, the president has not been shy about general slams on the special counsel's office for allegedly pushing a witch hunts, today he offered his most direct public attack on the man himself writing the report. >> president trump: a man gets appointed by a deputy, he writes a report. never figured that one out. i know he's conflicted to end i know that his best friend is comey who is a bad cop. the day before he was retained to become special counsel i told him he won to be working at the fbi and then the following day they get him for this? i don't think so. >> ed: next up republicans who
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seem to have nagging doubts and are trying to stand in the way of a second term, the president specifically teeing off on george conway, husband of white house aide kellyanne conway, the two have been locked in a war of words for days now, the president calling him a loser and the husband from hell after george conway tweeted while the charges that the president is mentally ill. >> president trump: he's a whack job but i really don't know him. i think he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife, kelly is a wonderful woman and i call him mr. kelly m conway. he is a tremendous service. >> ed: congressman matt gaetz here to fire back at the president's critics including george conway but first trace gallagher live in the newsroom with the back story of the trump-conway feud. >> there are critics who believe
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this whole feud is a put on and george and kellyanne conway are laying the groundwork to cash in on becoming the next dueling political couple but we should note both conway's are republicans. george conway is well known in conservative circles and he has known donald trump for years. in fact, they lived in trump tower manhattan and kelly m conway served on the trump tower condo board. in the early days of the administration, george was in the running to held up the civil division though he later withdrew his name from consideration. george conway told "the washington post"'s attacks on the president are not disingenuous and he truly believes the president and his administration are incompetent. president trump has reportedly wanted to attack him on twitter before but has been talked out of it by aides who argued it would embolden conway and cause unnecessary drama. when george conway question trumps mental health and even
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tweeted definitions of various mental disorders, the gloves came off, the tweets began, and when the president called conway the husband from hell, it marked the first time mr. trump has weighed in on the conway's marriage. "often referred to as mr. kellyanne conway is very jealous of his wife's success. today kellyanne conway defended the attacks on the president calling her boss a counter puncture, he left it alone for months out of respect for me but you would think he should respond when somebody, a nonmedical professional, accuses him of having a mental disorder? george conway admits he wished his wife didn't work at the white house but he says his criticism likely helps his marriage, he gets it off his chest and does not scream at her about it. >> ed: matt gaetz sits on the house judiciary committee, good to see you. >> i don't aspire to opine on
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someone else's marriage but it's noting that kellyanne conway is critical to the trump communication vortex and i'm grateful to every member of their family her husband included because the burdens of public service are felled by an entire family. imagine how george conway must have felt when his wife and his daughter works in such a precarious situation? >> ed: assaulted by a citizen, we're not talking about the marriage, some months ago in the state of maryland. you're not going to get in the middle of a marriage, why is the president got in the middle of the merits? >> i think it's very frustrating for the president to see the difficult circumstances that kelly she's put in, a lot of us get data and information, context and benefit from her brilliance. it's frustrating for him to see george conway being so critical when she's been such great
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success driving the messaging. renegotiating trade deals and grading one of the most dynamic senses of optimism. >> ed: so why is the president not focused on those and doesn't this open to you and i tonight and others talking about the fact that george conway, i want you to answer this directly, he says the president of the united states has "narcissistic personality disorder." >> that is not true, i spent a lot of time with the president, he is deeply caring about other people. that is a view held by someone who doesn't get to see how the president feels for the country. i agree with you, i don't think it elevates the presidency or the country to be talked about somebody's marriage, i think the president should be focusing on the amazing economic success he's been having, the renegotiating of trade deals and we roll into a 2020 election cycle where republicans are more enthusiastic than democrats and with a lot of good reason.
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>> ed: i wonder if having covered president obama and his white house, if there was a woman working a senior position in the democratic white house and her husband was attacking her on twitter, if there were not be a lot of people on the media is saying why is this man attacking this woman and not allowing her to be strong and stand on her own two feet? it seems like everyone is jumping all in on this guy who is attacking his wife and not letting her be what you just said, the senior advisor to the president. >> there is a double standard for women in power and there is a triple and quadruple standard for conservative women. that's why colleagues like mine are trying to do everything we can to find conservative women to elevate in our party. kelly on conway and sarah huckabee sanders are the most well-known republican women in america and that's why the president gets so defensive when he feels like a sarah or kelly
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and are unfairly under fire. >> ed: kellyanne conway is also the first woman to win back a presidential campaign. you were admitting is a moment ago as an ally of the president you wish he talked more about the economy and less about the conway's, why is he talking about john mccain? >> the president believes one of the reasons why we lost the midterms as we didn't repeal obamacare and we still have a lot of republicans and americans around the country who are frustrated and feel like the republicans left the country down by failing to fulfill that promise. >> ed: why not go after mitch mcconnell? >> mitch mcconnell voted yes. they were there driving the agenda. i've often been a critic of those two individuals but they were doing everything possible to get obamacare repealed and it was john mccain i think more wanting to stick it to the president then reflect even his
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own beliefs. john mccain ran on repealing obamacare and at the last minute voted against it and think it's reasonable for the president to be frustrated and let down by that. >> ed: the president appears to be in good political standing, i talked about the cnn poll also enthusiasm among republicans are stronger in the cnn poll that among democrats and have democrats getting the president all kind of thought or whether it's medicare for all, the green new deal, then the issue of abortion. here's what beto o'rourke said on the campaign trail. [reporter questioning] >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights and my answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. i trust her. that's my answer. >> ed: he's one of the darlings of the left, he's saying third trimester, go for it. >> beto has to win a primary and
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that answer is not going to hurt him when you look at how far the democratic party has lurched to the left on the issue of life and abortion. i wonder if beto o'rourke also believes it's between a woman and a doctor if the baby has been born and survived an abortion. 19 times republicans in congress have tried to get the born alive protection act heard, 19 times the democrats have objected. as the party moves so far to the left, third trimester abortions, allows allowing babies to be killed after they are born, it won't hurt beto. >> ed: kirsten gillibrand is now saying she's got legislation to get in between patients and doctors to deal with the opioid crisis and wants to dictate how long you can get certain drugs. my colleague brit hume noted on twitter i thought when it comes to the issue of abortion we hear over and over, you see his tweet, you shouldn't get between a patient and a doctor. i'm all for doing something about the opioid crisis, all of
4:11 pm
us want to but how can democrats all of a sudden say they are going to dictate to doctors how much medicine they can dispense? >> the answer to the opioid crisis is not more government, it's more freedom. in every state that has democratized access to medical cannabis, you see fewer opioids prescribed in lower percentage of opioid depths, it's always a washington way to say that to solve problem we need to tell people what they have to do. there are different solutions to work for different states, we never make things better when washington inserts themselves in the doctor-patient relationship. >> ed: we appreciate you taking the tough questions tonight. up next, remember this? >> everybody in cleveland, keep obama president, you know? he gave us a phone. >> ed: will introduce you to the 2020 candidate who will take
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4:17 pm
a thousand dollars a month to do whatever they want. >> do you know what the price tag would be paying every american a thousand dollars a month? >> is about $1.8 trillion a year passed current expenses. we need to pass a value-added tax that would get the american people a slice of every amazon transaction, every google search, every robot truck mile. >> ed: here now guy benson and michelle ritchie, former press secretary for house democrats, good to have you here. i remember president obama saying he was going to help the children of illegal immigrants by reframing this as i'm helping dreamers, whose against dreamers? now all of a sudden you have -- >> i'm coming out tonight is a strong anti- anti-dreamer indi. >> it cost $1.8 trillion we
4:18 pm
don't have per year and you extrapolate that over a 10-year budget window it's crazy. i believe this candidate came out against circumcision so he's focusing on important and realistic issues. we can chuckle about this idea of uncle sam ending a thousand bucks to every single one of us but is it necessary that far off from some of the things that are being more seriously discussed by democrats at enormous cost to american taxpayers? they have no real answers, at least he mentioned a tax increase and how you would pay for it. a lot of people like kamala harris come out and say 32, $33 trillion single-payer health care, she says return on investment like that's an answe answer. >> you have alexandria ocasio-cortez talk about this issue, she's talked about the green new deal and how ambitions it's going to become a what's impatient about saying you're going to get a free check every month? >> i am a registered independent but what i will say is that i don't believe universal base
4:19 pm
income is the way out of poverty. i don't think it puts people on a path to prosperity, it actually gives someone a path of consistent poverty and low income. the value-added tax that he talks about is an added tax for the american people. it may seem like we are getting free money, getting a thousand dollars, were not. we are paying for this. if we are going to have people that are going to talk about giving out money to people just for being an adult, just for being an american, what i would rather hear from these people, what are your plans as far as putting people become a better education, better job training? a ubi is in response to automation. it's a response to -- why not put that money more toward preparing people toward the future? >> ed: contrast that with the president who is in battleground ohio today, we should be clear and fair, and it hasn't gone
4:20 pm
smoothly with him and the autoworkers. he's out there trying to figure out how to create jobs and his first two years have created an awful lot of manufacturing jobs and wages are going up. contrast that with we are going to give you free money. >> one of the reasons wages are coming up is because taxes were cut. for him to say were going to give you money but raise taxes on everybody, that's something everybody would have to pay at every step of the manufacturing and consumption process. the government is clawing back some of the money you just gave you, it's a convoluted cockamamie idea and i think it's coming just to beat all the other giveaways. bernie sanders wants free college, i'm going to cut out the middleman and give you the money. it's an auction to see who can give away the most? >> chicago had this idea on a
4:21 pm
local level, you do see local municipalities promoting universal base income as well. this is the first time i've heard it on the federal level. >> andrew yang whose running one of the many dozen or so democrats including bill de blasio, watch this. >> when somebody is serious about running, i will be serious about commenting on it. when he makes his announcement i will answer your question. >> well handled. >> bill de blasio says let's duck this for a while, you wrote about this today in the paper in "the new york post." is that because bill de blasio went there? how many people showed up? >> there were a total of 20 people in the room but 14 of them were on the panel he set
4:22 pm
up, so only six real people came to hear what he had to say and this follows trips to south carolina and iowa. everywhere he has gone, people have not shown up for him. he's been a terrible mayor in new york city, the city is in serious decline, he's spending it near the brink of bankruptcy and disaster, and he just keeps going and wasting money. the last couple of weeks there have been billions of dollars of programs that he has initiated that have shown litter little o results. >> i sat down with the senior person from the obama days a couple weeks back, he told me frankly he thinks president trump is vulnerable but he's worried democrats are going to blow it with these pie these pie-in-the-sky ideas that are going to give the president an opportunity to say you know
4:23 pm
what? venezuela 2.0. >> i think the democrats have to be careful because we don't want to see what happened to the republicans in 2016 when you had a pool of 15 or 20 candidates and you ended up with a candidate with donald trump who was nominated by the rnc. i think the democrats have to be careful -- i don't want to say with a donald trump but may be someone who is not really a democrat because people can say bernie sanders is not really a democrat. >> i feel like this might be a slight play by bill de blasio, he can play momentum. at his next event if he has literally tens of people show up, he says look it's improvement. that's a narrative for him. i welcome his entry into this race as a conservative come out let's put it that way. >> the people around him will be more than he's ever seen.
4:24 pm
>> he's playing the expectations game perfectly. >> ed: up next 16 years after the official start of the war in iraq, we talked exclusively to an iraqi man who put his life on the line to help us, to help america serving as an interpreter for american sniper chris kyle and a lot of other brave american men and women in uniform. his job so dangerous, he couldn't use his real name, he became known as johnny walker. we can reveal that man has not become an american citizen, he's about to reveal his real name and talk about why he's proud to be an american. exclusively on "the story" " the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing.
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>> my fellow citizens, at this hour, american and polish forces are nearing stages of military operations to disarm iraq and to free its people, and to defend the world from great danger. >> ed: those words marking the start of the iraq war in 2003, shortly after an iraqi man went by the name johnny walker began working for the u.s. military as a translator assisting elite navy seals including american sniper chris kyle. today 16 years later we are proud to report johnny walker is now an american. he's living what he calls the american dream. for the first time, we can reveal his real name riad al amadi. here now exclusively, johnny walker a former iraqi translato translator, author of code name johnny walker, the extraordinary story of the iraqi who risked everything to fight with the u.s. navy seals.
4:30 pm
first let me thank you, congratulations, how does it feel to be an american? >> i cannot with a few words describe my feeling but i'm going to tell you for sure, this is happened, and till now, i don't believe it. i feel secure, i feel emotion, tears, happiness, all of it. >> ed: we are feeling all of that with you. when you were a young person coming up and you strove to someday be an american, as i understand you would listen to country music and watch john wayne movies to get a feel for america. >> i am tall for my country, without any option i played basketball.
4:31 pm
if you know basketball, it takes you, have to listen to kenny rogers, john wayne, all the things build the american dream in my imagination and make me own tomorrow. >> ed: when you say harlem team i assume you mean the harlem globetrotters. that is really cool. connect us to the start of the war in iraq and why you decided to join arms with the american military. >> at the beginning, most of the people they loved american forces including myself because it matched my dream. after saddam's regime took our future away, those people came and they gave us that feeling again. when i worked with them, i worked just for fun and for finance and followed my dream
4:32 pm
because at that time, it was very much safe. people can walk without anythin anything. >> ed: i've got 2 minutes, one minute on chris kyle and some of the great americans you served with. >> chris kyle, i learned a lot from him, i learned how you sacrifice, how you humble, how you carry your country in your heart a thousand miles away from your home. how you raise the american flag and some days are maybe going to get shot, 80% chance while some people don't show the respect. i learned a lot.
4:33 pm
>> ed: won last minute, president trump, his critics say he is against refugees, he's against immigrants, he shouldn't build a wall, you say. >> go back to 2011 when obama announced travel ban against iraqis for six months, no one says anything about him. no one even mentioned it on the news. from my understanding, my humble understanding, why does he want to build a wall? white he doesn't want anyone to come to this country without checking database 100%. he knows everyone came to this country in illegal ways, we can end up carrying a pistol to escort our kids to the schools. >> ed: you wouldn't feel safe inside america. >> 100% i support trump and
4:34 pm
anyone like me, i fought with american forces for what i believe against the savages, i followed the procedure, the american procedure and today i have the ceremony and you know what? you can live 200, 300 years. >> ed: you are more than equal to me, i'm born in this country but i'm proud to welcome you here, your story is truly remarkable and awesome. welcome to america, johnny walker. we'll be right back with 'the story," right after this, thank you, sir, overcoming twists and turns, ups and downs.... whatever life throws. a place to always strive for. for all the journeys that make us stronger.
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4:39 pm
on what may have motivated the hijacker. we turn to our friend trace gallagher. >> this happened outside milan in the northern part of italy were a school bus driver abducted two classes of middle school students and three chaperone's. the driver who was holding a knife and started making threats, he ordered the chaperones to collect all the cell phones so nobody could call police and to use plastic ties to find the student's hands to the seats. those were loose enough for the children to free, the bus driver rammed cars and kept moving a cell phone dropped onto the floor and a student called police who quickly set up a roadblock forcing the bus into a guard rail. that's when the children say the driver poured gasoline on the floor and ignited it saying no one will survive. police busted out the windows and it somehow managed to get all 51 kids out, some did suffer
4:40 pm
minor burns. police later talked about the drivers motive, watch. the driver said allegedly he wanted to perform the demonstrative act for all the deaths at sea in the mediterranean, he said one pulled out of the vehicle and asked why he did this, that was the first sentence he said. in recent years, thousands of migrants mostly from west africa drowned trying to cross into europe, one of the children on the bus claims during the abduction the driver told him that three of his own children drowned trying to leave their homeland. >> ed: on a lighter note, millions of americans finishing up their march madness brackets today, first games now officially underway. my next guest says most ncaa athletes should be saying show me the money. congressman mark walker with his proposal coming up next.
4:41 pm
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call now to learn more. ♪ >> ed: march madness officially underway, student athletes from 68 schools battling it out for a chance to win the championship, the ncaa stands to make more than a billion dollars in revenue. those students will not see a dime even as they are being used to promote the tournament. my next guest trying to change
4:45 pm
all of that. congressman mark walker hopes to introduce a bill hoping to give athletes a chance to monetize their talents. we appreciate you come again. would these be direct payments or i have heard various plans that would say they could use their likeness with selling jerseys, autographs, what is in your plan? >> great question to open up the segment. we are not asking nor requiring the ncaa or the university to pay a single dollar. the only thing we want is for these student athletes to have the same access to the free market that you will die and every other student wedge or you are education, business, music scholarship, you can go out and pick up a small gig here and play in an orchestra, whatever it might be. this is a travesty and an injustice, republicans have tried to write some of these wrongs from an injustice standpoint, this is a big one and we hope to overturn this. >> ed: this is america and they should have a chance to experience free enterprise but to be specific on what they
4:46 pm
would get then, is it cash payments? >> we don't believe big government coming in then telling the ncaa what they should do, the only thing our law does is it changes the tax code for amateur status meeting these students can go out and market themselves. a young entrepreneur, we aren't asking any payment to be made to anybody. 99% of these student athletes of the 500,000 will never receive a professional sports contract. they are old enough to serve in a war zone, they are old enough to do many things and vote but they don't have any access to their likeness or image, that's wrong and we want to change it. >> ed: some critics of your bill will say these kids are getting something, they're getting a free college education through their scholarship. i know you're a duke basketball fan down there in north carolina, they are going to be a big force in this
4:47 pm
tournament but zion williamson is not being paid by duke or the ncaa, he's going to be a one-and-done meaning he will leave, he's not going to stay for that free education, he's got nike and the other sneaker companies in addition to an nba team ready to pay him millions, why would he stick around? >> i'm not sure he would. here's an aspect we think this particular piece of legislation would keep men and women in school. many of them come from underprivileged or impoverished communities, they don't have the money to take their families out to eat at certain games. this would allow a backup quarterback at elon university or north carolina amt, if somebody wants to employ them at a car dealership to sign autographs, they should have access. we aren't asking to sell jerseys, or asking the ncaa to do anything except remove the restrictions. it's only the student athlete that has to sign the moratorium
4:48 pm
to have any access to their own image, that's wrong. >> ed: i'm a fan of kentucky and the wildcats, i know coach coach cal is going to take out your duke blue devils, tell me why i'm wrong. >> i don't know that you are, we get them early this year but the atlantic coast conference is strong with virginia and the tar heels as well. >> ed: we appreciate you coming on xp 32 nights. up next, days after confirming his relationship with actress rosario dawson, our wedding bells in cory booker's future? >> if you go in single, we would watch. >> if we get there, don't to the marriage before. >> for sure. >> ed: the man who has the 411, wednesdays with jesse watters, that's next. . she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work.
4:49 pm
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>> ed: you remember the viral moment from the campaign and i would just a few weeks ago but now the 2020 presidential is posting this workout video with a shirt that says, just trying to get ranch. adding on twitter, glad to be back in iowa and do you like my new workout shirt? it is ready for jesse watters. i have been waiting for this moment so long to turn the tables to ask you questions. so i'm just going to filibuster just like you do. bran, having a little fun, and this woman is like, pardon me but i'm at this diner and i need some ranch dressing. >> jesse: she is more for high famous what someone said to her. her viral moment is someone ignored her, basically. she has announced twice to run for president, and no one knows she's running for president. forget the t-shirt.
4:54 pm
look at those guns. i thought she was for gun control. look at that, what are those of teens, dumbbells? that is more than you maxed out out. you can do that this weekend and let them win for once. they never win. >> ed: the t-shirt, been there in des moines, and it is these fun t-shirts. it will look good on her for staying healthy. cory booker. an interesting time right now with his love life. here he is, talking about it. >> she has a deep full, deeply soulful person and taught me a lot of lessons about love already. sometimes, you show the greatest strength when you make yourself vulnerable. you know, she has a relay, she has this nurturing spirit that makes me create jos. and i want to see that in our country but even in our personal relationship to love more fearlessly. >> ed: rosario dawson and tmc caught up with her at the dca
4:55 pm
airport but have you made yourself vulnerable? >> jesse: no, i have a tough exterior and that's too much information from the senator. i really don't want to know how deeply he feels about rosario. but good for him, is she's a knockout actress and they will make a power couple if she gets to the white house. he doesn't have a shot. but a little manufactured to me if you think about the timing. he's been a bachelor his whole life and the month he runs for president come all of a sudden page 6 leaks and he goes on ellen with a whole profile actress, come on the timing is a little suspect, to perfect. his opponents in the past have questioned his bachelor status. and he has confirmed to the "philadelphia inquirer" and they asked about his sexual preference. he is heterosexual but i don't care, he just might be president. >> ed: what about katie couric jumping in on this as well?
4:56 pm
watch this. >> i had a blind date with cory booker ones, wow. >> did you kiss? >> we went to a giant football game, the weakest, no we didn't kiss. >> really, did he hold your hand? >> ed: katie couric on the morning show, dating everybody. cory booker. >> jesse: he's got game. who knew. blind day it at the giants game, seem strange, not something i would do. i don't think it's something you would do. >> ed: katie couric said they didn't kiss. >> jesse: you don't kiss and tell and maybe she's playing nice and doesn't want to embarrass him. >> ed: why is that when you talk about the politics in this because it's goofy, he is doing this for a reason. there is no photo of him at the giants game. >> jesse: are you suggesting that maybe they didn't have a romantic relationship? they are using anything they can to raise his profile. if you add famous person to his
4:57 pm
romantic life, that will get him in and he will get on the story with ed henry. this is what he wants. they are all fighting for clicks and ink and they will do whatever they can to get in the press. >> ed: speaking of someone in the hot water and attention for other things, elizabeth warren had this to say to town hall. >> how do you respond to people regardless of the underlying facts, the way you handled the question of native american heritage was tone-deaf, defensive and indicative of a lack of presidential tact? >> you know, i glued them i grew up in oklahoma. i learned about my family from my family. and based on that, that is just kind of who i am. and i do the best that i can with it. >> ed: so president trump drew her in this fight about her heritage. she was losing on that. the dna test and now she has thrown her family under the bus? i learned it from them. >> jesse: leave mom out of it
4:58 pm
and i would never throw my mom under the bus because that would be vicious mom attacked the next day. but she will have to keep answering because that is how everybody knows her. she is a fake indian and she's throwing her family under the bus. her family said she was a little in little indiana, but she said she was pulled cherokee when she was applying to go to places and that is what makes her a phony. >> ed: speaking of having to answer for things, couple of setters them et cetera days ago, that is a whole job in and of itself. i was fighting a cold, >> jesse: a sniffle. >> ed: the next day i'm losing sleep and the staff is calling me and waters is in florida on a nice vacation but he need you on "saturday night live." and they were nice enough. and your staff come i'm surprised. they gave me and broke into my office literally and put this in there that says "thank you, from a show, waters world.
4:59 pm
we appreciate all your xs and os." so excited because i'm phoning martha and i have this great guest, wednesday with waters and you canceled on me. so here i am on saturday with sniffles and your staff are so grateful and you bailed on me. >> jesse: you know i went to blind date at the giants game. >> ed: i'm not buying that. >> jesse: i'm not buying this for you. i did not approve this. this is coming out of the budget? >> ed: it went through the system. >> jesse: we paid for you to get drunk. >> ed: box. >> jesse: are like this place more now. we know you like red wine, henry so drink up. >> ed: i appreciate you coming on and i hope i see you saturday night. >> jesse: we will see. minute-by-minute, everybody. >> ed: waters and henry and we will take this on the board and i -- on the road. henry waters, i wish he had a nice ring to it. don't cancel on me. >> jesse: never.
5:00 pm
i'm glad you are here. that is the story. we will see you back here tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern but in the meantime, our friend tucker carlson is up next * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. there is a loud debate in washington to participate in border's acute or. to build a wall and how much ice should get with detention center big enough to hold everyone they need to hold. people argue about these questions everyday. you watch it on tv so it seems like the parties are divided on the matter. but on a deeper level -- level, there is no debate but a consensus. everyone in the political system knows in our faith that mass immigration is good for the economy. immigrants


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